Getschman Barn Quilts

This barn quilt can be found at Gale and Nancy Getschman’s place, 1805 W. Pine St. (Cty Rd. BP), Baraboo.  The pattern is the Wisconsin Star and was painted green and yellow honoring Gale’s John Deere tractor collection. 

Two years ago Nancy painted the smaller barn quilt and placed it on their garage.  On their way to the Old Threshers Reunion in Mt. Pleasant, IA they admired the many barn quilts along the route and decided to paint one for their barn.  Not knowing what to do they looked up directions on the internet.  Next year they plan on making another one for the other side of the barn which can be observed from the new four lane Hwy. 12.  Every year Gale and Nancy sponsor a Tractor Ride the second weekend in June.  They chose this weekend because their first stop is the Sauk County Dairy Breakfast.  Information on the ride can be found at


Bender Barn Quilt

Bender Barn Quilt

At S40654 State Road 136, Reedsburg, WI you will find this barn quilt. Belonging to Brian & Dena Bender this quilt pattern is triple star. This was painted by the Reedsburg Middle School Art Class as a gift to Dena for her 14 years working at their school. She quit that job and went farming full-time with her husband, Brian in October 2011. The gift was given to her when they opened their farm to the public for the Sauk County Dairy Breakfast in June 2012.

Cook Barn Quilt

Cook Rail Fence Quilt

This barn quilt is on the Mike and Jodi Cook-Husom farm in North Freedom on Denzer Road. The rail fence pattern was picked out by their mother, Patty Cook.  It was a gift to their mother and father, Monte, for their aniversary in 2011 from daughters Sara and Jodi.

Badger Steam and Gas Barn Quilts

Badger Steam and Gas Barn Quilts

These 4 small barn quilts are on the Women’s building at the Badger Steam and Gas Show located just off Hwy. 33 at S3347 Sand Rd., Baraboo, WI.

Earl Sprecher’s four daughters Jean, Judy, Janet and Joanne chose patterns and painted
them for the building.
They represent the following:
#1 – Sunbonnet Sue
Jean Sprecher Brew chose this pattern as she collects Sunbonnet Sue quilts.

#2 – Windmill
Judy Sprecher Wehler chose this pattern as she lives on the Sprecher family farm which has a windmill.

#3 – Log Cabin
Janet Sprecher-Bruski chose this pattern as she hopes to live in a log cabin some day.

#4 – Schoolhouse
Joanne Sprecher Welty of Milwaukee, WI chose this pattern as she is the youngest in their family and is always a student of some sort.

Frey Barn Quilt

Frey Barn Quilt


A restored barn used to build performance engines—“it needs a bit of a woman’s touch in a man’s way” is what Jenny Frey said when she offered to sponsor a Sauk County barn quilt.  Her woman’s touch was a barn quilt as she admires them on their way to tractor pulls which both her and her husband, Dennis, are involved in.  They love the Allis Chalmers so that is where the colors of their barn quilt came from.  She chose the “Hunter’s Star quilt pattern using Allis Chalmers orange and gray along with some white as they are big hunters in the fall.  As you drive down Hwy. 60 or Cty Rd B, Sauk City, you will see their barn sitting on the corner and the quilt installed right above their shop entry.   Jenny states, “The guys now understand how it represents us and I told them a little culture doesn’t hurt them” (and then they were back to talking deer hunting).  So take a drive down Hwy. 60 and enjoy the Hunter’s Star on the Fair Valley Performance barn at the corner of Hwy. 60 and B.